Anonymous source: Stanford pressured female swim team members not to tell judge about Brock Turner's creepy behavior

Stanford University made a big show and dance about ridding itself of Brock Turner, but that was only after his arrest on rape charges. Intouch quotes an "insider" who claims that other swim team members were in fear of his behavior—and that school officials told them to stay quiet.

Members of the Stanford University women's swim team wanted to write to the judge overseeing the Brock Allen Turner sex-attack case about his creepy behavior — but were reportedly "pressured" by school officials not to speak out.

The team members say they weren't shocked by the arrest of Turner, 20 — a men's-team swimming star — and had steered clear of him due to sleazy comments he would make about their bodies, according to InTouch magazine…. "From the beginning, the women swimmers had found him to be very, very odd. Brock would make comments to the women such as 'I can see your t–s in that swimsuit.' "

One top competitor said she would never let herself be alone with Turner after observing his drunken antics at parties, the magazine reported.