Mississippi state rep tells distraught mom to buy kid's lifesaving meds 'with money she earns'

Nicole Nichols' 8-year-old daughter has diabetes; Nichols and her husband have come to rely on Medicaid to help supply life-saving essential medication for their daughter, because their two salaries are insufficient to cover their medical bills, which run in excess of $2000 month in out-of-pocket expenses.

Nichols ran into trouble with Medicaid in Mississippi; like many Mississippians, she found that her state service was no longer willing to give her sufficient assistance to cover her daughter's medical bills.

In frustration, she wrote to three of her state reps, two of whom were concerned and helpful, and one of whom, State Rep. Jeffrey Guice [R-Ocean Springs] sent her a short message reading, "I am sorry for your problem. Have you thought about buying the supplies with money that you earn?"

Rep Guice declined to answer press questions about his response, saying only, "I don't do interviews."

For the last three years, Nichols' 8-year-old daughter, Bella, has received supplies for her insulin pump through Medicaid.

For the last six months, Nichols said she and other parents have fought to get their children's medical supplies after the supply company outsourced products and shipping.

While the supply company was covered by Medicaid, the company they outsourced to was not. Nichols said she called 23 companies to find one that was both covered by Medicaid and in the original company's approved network. She has yet to find one.

The out-of-pocket expenses for Bella's monthly medication runs upwards of $2,000, Nichols said.

State representative to mom: Buy your own meds [Sarah Fowler/Clarion-Ledger]