Best joint-roller in the world earns $1000s for his creations

Tony Greenhand, 26, of Albany, Oregon makes pinata-like fully smokable joints that he sells for big bucks.

From Vocativ:

Greenhand's client, a young and ultra-wealthy firearms enthusiast in Florida, had flown out in a private jet to personally collect the joints he had commissioned. In addition to the grenade, there was a 1.5-ounce golden Glock. Then, there was the centerpiece of the consignment—a replica of an AK-47, fashioned from rolling papers and a half-pound of kind bud.

Placing each piece carefully into a cardboard box, Greenhand made his way toward the top floor of the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront. With his long hair, backwards baseball hat, and 150-pound frame, he looked more like a pizza delivery guy than an artist with a grip of sculptures that would make Snoop Dogg swoon.

Greenhand's wealthy buyer beamed when he saw the guns and the grenade. "The anticipation almost killed me bro," he said, taking a long pull from a bottle Ketel One vodka. He shook his head in a state of disbelief. A few other people milled about the suite, which was already scarred from an afternoon of hard partying. Soon, hip hop beats and marijuana fumes rippled throughout the room.

Clutching the AK-47, the client's eyes lit up. "You want to get El Chapo'd right now?"

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8 ounce AK 47 for the homies Jon and @weedwriter filled with 91 Og from @kaks_gardens #creativerolling #ak47

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