Star Trek white noise machine/starfield projector/alarm clock

Really, Thinkgeek's $150 Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine
does it all: projects a moving starfield on your ceiling, plays starship-like white noise loops while you drift off, presents a goofily plausible UI and form-factor straight out of the Roddenverse, and can even play the red alert klaxon as its alarm-tone.

Sounds included:

* USS Enterprise NCC-1701
   * Enterprise Ambient Sound (sample)
   * Enterprise Engineering (sample)

* USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
   * Enterprise-D Ambient Sound (sample)
   * Enterprise-D Warp Core (sample)

* Deep Space 9
   * DS9 Operations Center (sample)

* USS Voyager
   * Voyager Ambient Sound (sample)
   * Voyager Warp Core (sample)

* Enterprise NX-01
   * NX-01 Ambient Sound (sample)

Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine

(via Diane Duane)