Wizard Dice: odd polygon random number generators for spellcasters

Dann and Greg May's Polyhero dice are kickstarting a new set of odd-shaped polyhedral random-number generators: the Wizard Set complements last year's Warrior Set with seven dice shaped like potions, fireballs, bolts, wands and orbs.

Polyhero has a proven track-record for shipping their crowdfunded dice, so this is a very safe bet in terms of getting what you pay for.

Dice come in "lapis lazuli," "parchment and ink," "ethereal ice" and "dragonfire." $15 gets you one set of dice, with small discounts for multiple sets (e.g., 8 sets for $93, at $11.62/set). Projected ship date is May 2017.

Last year we ran a Kickstarter to produce a set of imaginative dice, the Warrior Set, and thanks to 2000+ supporters they are now a reality! Now it's time to see if together we can summon a series of special dice for spell-casters! The Wizard Set is once again the classic 7-piece set of RPG dice (plus a special Kickstarter bonus – see below), and this time we are also going for fancy and fittingly magical looking materials.

PolyHero Dice – Wizard Set [Polyhero Dice/Kickstarter]