There's a "Garbage Pail Kids" Topps card set for the 2016 Presidential Race, and it's pretty great

Topps has released a 2016 Presidential campaign themed "Garbage Pail Kids" edition. They're updating the series pretty quickly! There's already a Donald Trump vs. Alicia Machado card.


You can buy them here on the Topps website. The series is an online exclusive, print-on-demand. The art is by Brett Engstrom.



From, a collectors' website:

Switching gears from previous primary and political GPK sets released this year, disg-Race to the White House focuses more on single cards sold on their own at separate times rather than small sets. When multiple cards are available at the same time, bundles are offered, though.

The plan is to cover events in a timely fashion, but with an obvious parody spin. For example, within a couple of days of the first debate, the infamous "400 lb. hacker" as mentioned in one of the many soundbites had a card in the GPK Universe. Following that, it took only a short time for the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, to be immortalized on a card.

The first Garbage Pail Kids disg-Race to the White House card features both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump making waste of a city like in the video game classic Rampage or one of the old Godzilla sequels. The artwork is by long-time Garbage Pail Kids artist Brent Engstrom.

Buy 'em here. They're $9.99 for one, $29.99 for five, $49.99 for ten and $79.99 for 20.

(Thanks, Ryan Cracknell!)