FAANS: A Fannish Mystery; humorous 1983 science fiction fandom video

Kirby Sloan writes, "The Fanac Fan History Project has posted a humorous video made in 1983 based around general science fiction fandom culture at the time. This was the time I was most active in all aspects of fandom. I know/knew many of the people in this video. I was going to at least 3 and sometimes 6 cons a year in the 80s."

Although I am not in this video, I was at a lot of the conventions that it was filmed at. My wife is in it (4 years before we got married) and can be seen at 18:35 seated at a table in the back of the scene wearing groucho glasses.

The older gentleman wearing the propeller beanie at 20:35 is award winning author Wilson Tucker. He was involved in science fiction fandom since 1932 and coined the term "space opera" (science fiction emphasizing "space warfare, melodramatic adventure, interplanetary battles, as well as chivalric romance, and often risk-taking" per wikipedia). He was the first author I ever met and got an autograph from – in 1978.