Creepy and odd, you'll love Vladimir Sorokin's 'The Blizzard'

A Russian district doctor must deliver the anti-zombie vaccine to a rural town, or it's inhabitants will suffer. A short ride and simple mission become an existential nightmare as The Blizzard blocks his path.

Garin must deliver the vaccine before zombies tunnel out of Dologye, but no one seems to share his urgency. It should be an easy trip, and if he'd stop rushing, everything seems clear he'll make it there tomorrow. Aided by palm-sized horses, designer drug creating gypsies, and the wife of a tiny person, our doctor still doesn't seem to be getting any closer, time is running out.

Sorokin created a creepy damn world. Either humanity, or the Russians, have been off on a genetic engineering kick where they increase or decrease the size of animals, including people, to employ them for various purposes. Petroleum based energy seems to be a relic of the past, however, and we see a blend of old and new in bonkers ways, sort of a dystopian country Russian steampunk.

A fairly quick, but heavy read. I highly recommend The Blizzard.

The Blizzard: A Novel by Vladimir Sorokin via Amazon