Assassination of Kim Jong-nam captured on surveillance video

Doesn't look like they thought they were pranking him.

The Star/Asia News Network:

The woman with shoulder-length hair approaches Jong-nam with what could be a cloth or a hood and lunges from behind, reaching over his head and covering his face with the cloth. The woman resembles Doan Thi Huong, who was later arrested as a suspect.

It takes only seconds and both women walked back to the directions they came from.

The woman who was seen attacking him glances back furtively as she walked quickly away from the scene.

CNN reports on why North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un wanted his brother dead.

"North Korea is wiping out all the pro-Chinese regime elements — although this murder seems especially cruel."

Such a move would be a dramatic miscalculation by Pyongyang, according to Zhao.

"If this murder is confirmed (as being ordered by Kim Jong Un), that will deal a major blow to China's hopes about the North Korean leadership's ability to open up," he said.

This could fundamentally change how Beijing — a long advocate of diplomatic talks between Pyongyang and its rivals — deals with North Korea and its nuclear program.