Fireproof human skulls for your gas fireplace, barbeque or fire-pit

They're $65 each, handmade from "lava granules plus significant heat ceramic refractory," available in black and white. (via Geekologie)

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  1. Pass. You haven't experience barbequing until you've done it on real human skulls.

  2. And I just noticed the URL on the actual BB post... pure genius.

  3. Old says:

    Here's five bucks kids. Now, what I want you to do, is ask the babysitter to light the fireplace for you, right after the horror movie marathon ends.

  4. Alas, poor Yorick! I sponged him well, Horatio. He was a man of infinite soot.

  5. Sigh. I love 'em, but $65 a head is too stiff for me.

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