Watch Star Wars: Rogue One ending flow into A New Hope beginning

The perfect plot flow fires me up even as Uncanny Valley Leia brings a tear to my eye. (Barre Fong)

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  1. agies says:

    For whatever reason Leia at the end of Rogue One didn't bother me as much as Tarkin did. It was probably the lighting.

  2. Isn't is funny how Darth Vader's cape is flapping about in the wind while standing on the edge of the dock watching Leia's ship move away? Isn't this supposed to be in space?

  3. IIRC that was in the secret launch bay Tantive IV was housed in. The "wind" is probably just exhaust thrust from the ship leaving.
    But hey, SW has never been one to stick to real physics when it comes to space stuff.
    EDIT: Watching the scene again there would have to be some kind of atmospheric shielding in that launch bay. A pretty standard feature in SW tech. If not, those troopers (and probably Vader) would be gasping for breath pretty quickly.

  4. plc says:

    There was a lot more Tarkin than Leia, so there's that.

    Also, I didn't see Rogue One till just a few days after Carrie Fisher died, so I was a little too emotional for that last scene to get really nit-picky.

  5. in the movie (i.e., in the theatre) it didn't bother me at all. Looking at the gif loop over and over really shows the uncanny valley of it all, but not 'in the moment", as it were.

    Amazingly when I saw Rogue One, I went with a family member who did not know the actor playing Tarkin was deceased. After the movie he commented on how little the actor had aged, before I explained the magic. :slight_smile:

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