Scratch-built hotrod lawnmower

Last year, Jeep2003 decided to frankenstein a new lawnmower using parts from an old snowblower, a smoker grille, and retro motorcycle-style fenders, detailing the build process on the Old Mini Bikes forums. The results are gorgeous: tail-lights, hood ornament, and all!

Here she is in all her glory. Im over the moon with it. So cool I ran it a bit and it started spitting gas out when shut off I think its because i still had the choke on. But i made a little dam with the gasket so it doesnt happen again and ill try it again tomorrow when the goop is dry. But after I get it running good ill probrobly just drain the gas and not run it anymore. Its just too pretty to mess up

Mini Push Mower Project
[Jeep2003/Old Mini Bikes]

(via Neatorama)