Beautiful nature documentary on the Australian bin chicken

One of the most striking sights in some Australian cities is the white ibis, an exotic-looking large bird that has adapted to city life as a scavenger. Here's a hilarious spoof of nature documentaries.

Despite being rather beautiful when flying, "tip turkeys" are not widely loved up close because of their smell, noise, and general appearance. Via ABC:

However, it's the slightly scaly legs, noisy roosting sites, rowdy teenagers, begging babies and aggressive approach to your hot chips that stick in people's minds when it comes to rubbish raptors.

Despite being revered in other times and cultures, it seems the ibis' vulture-like bald head and inability to keep its white feathers clean is too much to bear for many city dwellers.

There's no denying it—dump chooks are probably more often seen wading through piles of human refuse than they are through idyllic wetlands.

Planet Earth : Bin Chicken (4K) (YouTube / David Johns)