Have you texted your textdoor neighbor?

The cool kids are texting their textdoor neighbors—people whose phone number is a digit higher or lower than their own—and sharing their adventures at r/textdoor. About half the respondents seem incapable of grasping the concept and keep asking "how did you get this number?" Many conversations are a bit weird and stilted, expressing the paranoia and suspicion of modern internet life. But someone is going on a date, too!

Notable Replies

  1. Kids these days, right?


  2. Shuck says:

    Hey look, another annoying thing the kids are doing! Bah, get off my lawn phone.

  3. One of my text door neighbors is my wife.

  4. My name is Jeremy Pickett. For some reason, every couple years another Jeremy Pickett tries to contact all the other Jeremy Pickett's. This started in 1996, or at least that's when I was roped into it.

    I've talked to 18 or so Jeremy Pickett's.

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