The amazing world of Casio watchmodding

The last time we wrote about the Casio F-91W digital watch, it was to note the odd connection between the timepiece and suicide bombing, but that's not the only extraordinary activity pursued by aficionados of the watch: they also love to mod 'em.

Some modders just fill their watches with oil, which gives the displays groovy tints and allegedly renders them waterproof. But the more ambitious modders add SD slots, new LEDs, and networking capability.

These simple watches beg to be modded: Watch Week forums user hansp inverted the colors on the screen on a F-91W with a simple linear polarizing film. Others have adjusted the LED light—which is notoriously shitty in the original, with the bulb shining at a 90 degree angle away from the stuff you actually want illuminated on the face—and added different colors or brightnesses.

People Love Modding Old Casio Watches
[Samantha Cole/Motherboard]