Boing Boing's publisher speaking at WordCamp Orange County

When you're having a conference in an awesome spot like Irvine you can play host to a speaker who refuses to prepare!

I'll be kicking off WordCamp this Saturday morning, someplace in the lovely planned community of Irvine. Get there early if you want to catch me.

Not even I have an idea what I'll say — I've been asked to regale the folks who attend with tales of my decade-plus working with wonderful things. We can all be surprised!

Most notably, I got taught a lesson about not fucking around when people send you silly interview questions! It appears this bio is the output of my flippant responses.

While we have a lot of fun, don't be looking to Boing Boing for best practices!

WordCamp OC will be held someplace behind the Orange curtain this weekend.

Image via u̶͛͗̽ n̵͇ͨ g̵̼͂ l̵᷅ t̵̄ c̵̃͘ h̵͚ m̵͇͑e͔