As GOP scrams for recess, Democrat hilariously reminds them who to thank next week (video)

As the squabbling House Republicans hightail it out of D.C. for an early Thanksgiving reprieve, Democratic Rep. Sean Casten gives a hilarious send-off message to remind his MAGA colleagues — and Speaker Mike Johnson in particular — just what they should all be thankful for.

"Mr. Speaker, next week, Americans across the country will gather around their dinner tables and share what they're thankful for. And I hope my Republican colleagues will use that moment to reflect on how lucky you are to work with us House Democrats," he said.

He then listed the reasons that Republicans should be filled with gratitude — as in the three times so far this year that the charitable Democrats — aka "the adults in the room" — kindly stepped up to help the helpless GOP Speakers avoid a catastrophic economic shutdown. "So this Thanksgiving I'd ask all of you to be thankful," he said in summary. "And whatever you do, just don't be that crazy uncle who won't stop yapping about Hunter Biden." (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

Front page thumbnail image: Sean Casten / C-SPAN