Gentleman's first electric skateboard ride earns him a $600 ticket

Boosted Boards got a big push thanks to enthusiast Casey Neistat, whose reviews of V2 prompted many to buy one. Daniel Dahlberg's joy quickly turned to dismay when Vancouver cops pulled him over and fined him $600 for riding it on the street.

Via the Vancouver Sun:

It may be absurd, but it's the law. According to ICBC, motorized skateboards and scooters cannot be operated on roads or sidewalks in B.C. The Motor Vehicle act defines both as motor vehicles, but they don't meet provincial equipment safety standards for on-road use. One exception is if the motorized scooter is part of a parade, but then it must be insured, and Dahlberg's one-man parade had no insurance, as the officer pointed out upon writing the ticket.

"I asked him why," Dahlberg said. "He said it's because I had no insurance. So then I asked him, I had no idea I needed it, how do I get it, and he told me that I wasn't able to get insurance. So I just kinda stared at him flabbergasted because I didn't know how to respond to that. It doesn't really make a lot of sense."

Here's Casey warning video:

Check your local laws before venturing out!

Vancouver man's first ride on electric skateboard ends with $600 ticket (Vancouver Sun)