Venice skate park filled with sand

One of the seven great wonders of the modern world, the Venice Beach Skate Park's bowls have been filled with enough sand to make them closed to all but the maddest.

The only way to stop the skaters in Dogtown was to fill in the bowls. People skating draws a crowd. Crowds are verboten.

In other skate news: the guys at Santa Monica Airlines have been busy putting out a cool Natas Kaupas deck.

I am sheltered-in-place at home, pretty close to the skate park and it is a bit weirder down here than usual. Read the rest

Skate legend Jay Adams was still going strong in 2013

Sadly, Adams passed away in 2014 of a heart attack while on vacation. Read the rest

Skateboard shop has a skateable sandwich board

To make it clear that it's run by skateboarders for skateboarders, East Vancouver's Drive Skate Shop put a skateable sign in front of its store.

The two-sided wood veneer "sandwich board" is not only skateable but looks great too.

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Skateboarder impresses with bonkers trick: Watch

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Not Possible @jacksonpilz 🤯👏🏽 Filmed by @chiggysskateboarding

A post shared by THRASHER MAGAZINE (@thrashermag) on Jul 6, 2018 at 6:48am PDT

Australian skater Jackson Pilz is making the internet go wild with his latest skateboard trick. Watch it first in slo-mo, then at regular speed. Either way, prepare to be impressed. Read the rest

Gentleman's first electric skateboard ride earns him a $600 ticket

Boosted Boards got a big push thanks to enthusiast Casey Neistat, whose reviews of V2 prompted many to buy one. Daniel Dahlberg's joy quickly turned to dismay when Vancouver cops pulled him over and fined him $600 for riding it on the street. Read the rest

Girl hops on her longboard into a handstand, zooms downhill like a boss

“I must go, my people need me.” Read the rest

Watch: Slow-motion explosions of skateboarding and paint

I haven't enjoyed the effects of dry pigments this much since Blue Man Group! (Kuma Films)

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