The Ultraman themed Toyota M78x86

I would have thought the guys in the SSSP would want something a little more utilitarian, but this Toyota is for Ultraman.

Not very inspiring, this Toyota looks like a Toyota. They've added some mildly reminiscent of Ultraman touches — like the name "M78" referring to Ultraman's home planet. Also, watch out! When the big light in the middle of the dashboard stops flashing and sounds a chime the car is about to shut off!

The M78x86 is available as either the GT or GT "Limited," in five different color schemes, either automatic or manual transmissions, basic or full kits. Options include rear fender trim and chrome door handles.

Ten Toyota dealers across Japan will begin pre-selling the new model today, with the cheapest option being the GT with basic kit at 3,373,800 yen (about $30,366). Cars will be made to order and presumably in limited supply.

Via CrunchyRoll