This five-year-old kid is a log-splitting maniac

Salem Barker's kid isn't afraid of a little hard work. At five, he already knows how to run the hydraulic logsplitter they rigged up at their farm.

Though he is supervising, this dad sounds not too interested in being a helicopter parent:

Our five year old son loves to help me in the shop. This young man is a skilled operator of many things, including the homemade logsplitter machine. Save your "bad parenting" trash talk. We're not raising weak willed proles at this residence.

When we were young, my brother and I had to split wood from the cord of wood we kept in back. All we had was a medium-weight splitting maul. We didn't have safety goggles either, which this kid should definitely have.

Bonus video: he marks his woodwork with Lichtenberg figures:

I put my kids to work (boy operates log splitter) (YouTube / Salem Barker)