New York City chess set

Skyline Chess is taking pre-orders for a set based on New York's most iconic buildings.

The concept was first conceived when we shared a flat together and would play chess in the evenings. The idea grew out of a conversation about whether we could replace the classic pieces with our favourite buildings. This led us to design and develop our first set, based on the skyline of our hometown, London.

King - One World Trade Tower

Queen - Empire State Building

Bishop - Chrysler Building

Knight - Flatiron Building

Rook - Guggenheim Museum

Pawn - Brownstone House

I'm a Londoner, and have to admit the New York City one is much more attractive.

New York's skyline is a wonder of the world. London's is black comedy: a gigantic sinister science fiction pyramid, a child's drawing of an obelisk, and two dildos flanked by clown car wheels and refugee game pieces from Steampunk Monopoly.