Alleged sex offender smashes computer in courtroom

In this courtroom footage, an accused man executes his cunning plan: smash up a computer.

From the facebook page of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department in Tacoma, Washington:

We had a little excitement in the courthouse a few days ago when a Level III Sex Offender vandalized a courtroom during a hearing at the Pierce County courthouse. The suspect was seated at a table with his attorney when he suddenly stood up and charged at a judicial assistant’s desk. As he rushed toward an employee seated at the desk, the suspect smashed a computer monitor and knocked numerous clerical items onto the floor.

One of our corrections deputies chased after the suspect, grabbed his suit jacket and pulled him away as the judicial assistant fled from her desk toward a safe area. The corrections deputy tackled the suspect and took him into custody for the destruction of property.

An outstanding response by #PCSD corrections deputies ensured that there were no injuries during the incident and damages were limited to less than $1000. Well done!