Bake: fizzing Alien facehugger pudding-cups

Hellen Die admits that her recipe for Alien facehugger pudding-cups "isn't easy": you have to make egg-molds that you cover with pastry and decorate to resemble HR Giger-esque Alien eggs, then use more pastry to sculpt the facehuggers, make a custom pistachio pudding mix with ground up Vitamin B-2 caps, assemble, paint (with food-safe pigments), mix a slip of vodka and B-2, pipe the eggs full of yellow custard, and dust with pop-rocks just before serving for that wonderful fizzing effects.

Not easy, but seriously worth it, especially if you serve under black light.

Alien is one of those movies I can easily call up when asked for a top-ten list of the flicks that inspired me as a child. To me, watching the fierce and always brave Ripley battle Giger's sleek dark creatures was both terrifying and exciting and only cemented my desire to work in the film industry. I've seen every Alien movie so far (some better than others, but that's a different article) and am eagerly awaiting Covenant.

Which is why, when I first started down the road to create an alien recipe, I knew I had to put every ounce of all those years of monster love into it and come up with something truly epic …

Let me warn you, this recipe isn't easy. It takes time, patience and a few special ingredients that, while not impossible to find, might require a bit of digging … but trust me when I say the end results are more than worth it.

Halloween Recipe: Alien Facehugger Pudding Cups
[Hellen Die/Eat the Dead]

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