New line of beautiful and classic-looking microphone cables from Spencer Tweedy

Is this thing on? Musician Spencer Tweedy (son of Wilco's Jeff Tweedy) is bringing his design sensibility and appreciation for finely-crafted musical gear to one of the most boring and ubiquitous items on stages and in recording studios: the microphone cable. "We have compressors with classic faceplates and microphones with precision-milled grates," Spencer says. "But the little things, like cables, usually go uncared for. Just because they're little."

So with the help of Conway Electric, makers of luxurious cotton-jacketed extension cords, and Alchemy Audio, he's launched a company to manufacture Fjord XLR cables, a made-in-the-USA product whose "main feature is that it looks nicer than other cables… but its looks are backed up by components that make it sound great and feel great to use, too."

He's launched a Kickstarter with a very modest goal; a $40 pledge gets you a sharp-looking new cable! And don't miss the excellent project video below!

Fjord XLR: Classic microphone cables