Chews that work for both my big dog and the little one

These healthy chews are made of salmon, and come in sizes and consistencies that both my dogs can enjoy!

Here are my dog snack challenges… Nemo is a Great Pyrenees. Zuul is a Cavalier King Charles. They have different chewing needs, and it is hard to keep everyone happy. Nemo wanted BONES, but Zuul kept breaking her teeth out of her head. Zuul loves pig ears and they'll last her 45 minutes. Nemo, however, disappears a pig ear in under 5 seconds! Both are also totally couth, and will share treats if either doesn't seem happy. Nemo-sized snacks have turned Zuul into a sausage! Nemo inhaling a Zuul sized snack costs unreasonable money.

What was I to do?

Earth Animal makes these "no hide" chews. I guess rawhide is no longer OK to give your pets, so no-hide. These are made of salmon and both the sticks and the larger 7" chews are apparently made of the same stuff. Reconstituted salmon, egg, rice, banana, and pineapple are somehow made into a hard and tasty substance that resembles rawhide. The small-dog sized sticks lasts a very long time for the Cavalier. The pyr, who locks in at around 120lbs, seems to take about 15-20 minutes with his. He could easily smash this up and eat it in 2-3 minutes, but he seems to actually savor the taste. My good buddy works at the salmon-y treat slower than a regular snack to insta-crunch, and he seems to enjoy these more!

Because the No-Hide smells the same and tastes the same to the dogs, there is no urge for Zuul to leave hers and go check out Nemo's, in case it is more interesting a snack. This is great as it helps keep the little dog eating the little treat. Nemo is a good guy at heart and will usually just let her take his snack if she tries.

There are chicken and beef flavors, but I like to give the dogs salmon as I believe it helps their coat. Omega-3's are not just good for humans.

These are treats my dogs enjoy a couple times a week.

SMALL DOG: Earth Animal No-Hide Salmon Stix, 10ct. via Amazon

LARGE DOG: Earth Animal No-Hide Salmon Chews 7" 2pk via Amazon