TENS replacement pads that work great

These are the best replacement TENS pads I've found to shock myself with.

I really appreciate my TENS muscle stimulator. I quickly got used to zapping the twitchy parts of my lower back and legs that give me the most trouble, and learned that pads wear out. The pads that came with my unit lasted pretty long, but the first few replacements I tried were really crappy. Even on the first use, some made poor contact with my skin or lost their stickiness. Not so with the Discount TENS brand.

Discount TENS pads are working well for me. I get about 7-10 uses out of a pair before they start losing their stick. Your skin oils and hair may create a different experience for you.

When not in use I stick the current set to a smooth plastic sided cable tender designed for their storage. It came with my TENS unit.

TENS Electrodes – Premium Quality Large Replacement Pads for TENS Units – 10 Pairs of Snap TENS Unit Electrodes (20 TENS Unit Pads) via Amazon