This is the potato chip grabber

This little faux-gloved hand will pinch chips for you, so your own hands won't get greasy.

You don't need it, no one does, but if you have to know, this poorly-reviewed product is available for $4.24 on Amazon.

From its description:

*NO Grease any more!Just the Way I Like:In common sense,many people like eating snacks like potato crisps while ussing computer.

* It directly leads to a very greasy hands and keyboard.

* This heavily demage our health and clean imageFrom now on,let Potato Crisp Hand regain our elegant and healthy eating style.

* The item designed like a just a hand,can use thumb and forefinger on the hand to control.

* when we want to eat crisp,just hold the rod of the hand,push the button,the thumb and the forefinger can be closed and pick up the crisps.

* In fact,just like our thumb and forefinger to pick up the crisps.

* The unique hold system inside allow to Apply the most appropriate strength on the chips to not let the crisp be broken.

* Therefore we got a elegant and healthy eating crisp way.

Elegant. Healthy. RIGHT…

(Foodiggity, Oh Gizmo!)