Apparently prison has the best potato chips

Today I learned that there's a brand of potato chips available in prison commissaries that are so good, they're almost worth being locked up for. They're called "The Whole Shabangs" and, until 2016, they were only available on the "inside."

Now I Know:

One inmate told NBC News that “The Whole Shabangs are a ray of sunlight in the very cloudy and drab existence that is prison.”

A former inmate joked (one hopes!) on Facebook, saying “why did I have to go to jail to experience the best chips ever made???? Well…. back to jail it is.”

Another posted to Facebook that although she “won’t do time again” to get the chips, she hopes to find someone on the inside who can send her some: “[I’ll] find out who’s about to get out and send some money so they can bring me at least 10 bags of them. They are delicious.”

Even non-criminals swear by the snacks; according to the Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal-Star, “Nebraska Parole Board members have a standing request for the canteen to hold a couple of bags so they can buy them when they come to the center for hearings.”

To get some, without being incarcerated, head to The Whole Shabangs online store. They only sell them in nine ($28.50) or twelve ($35.99) packs though. Pretty tempting!

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We don't need to mourn Mr. Peanut because we still have Mr. Tayto Man

Still dapper, but less creepy capitalist. Mr. Tayto Man is nothing but love.

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Japan has made instant ramen that tastes like Pringles

Here's something nobody asked for: Pringles-flavored instant ramen noodles**.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pringles and the 30th anniversary of Super Cup, the two are combining their brands Voltron-style to release two new flavors of Super Cup ramen noodles (Sour Cream and Onion and Jalapeno and Onion) and two new flavors of Pringles chips (Chicken Bone Soy Sauce and Squid Fried Noodles).

A 10-pack of this special ramen costs $24, just a bit more than ordinary instant noodle cups (shipping is $28 though). Available for preorder now through Japan Trend Shop.

**Now, this is not to be confused with ramen-flavored Pringles. That's a whole different junk food beast.

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Watch how to make transparent potato chips

Barry Lewis from My Virgin Kitchen decided to make clear potato crisps, and they look amazing, like little starchy dried jellyfish. Read the rest

This is the potato chip grabber

This little faux-gloved hand will pinch chips for you, so your own hands won't get greasy.

You don't need it, no one does, but if you have to know, this poorly-reviewed product is available for $4.24 on Amazon.

From its description:

*NO Grease any more!Just the Way I Like:In common sense,many people like eating snacks like potato crisps while ussing computer.

* It directly leads to a very greasy hands and keyboard.

* This heavily demage our health and clean imageFrom now on,let Potato Crisp Hand regain our elegant and healthy eating style.

* The item designed like a just a hand,can use thumb and forefinger on the hand to control.

* when we want to eat crisp,just hold the rod of the hand,push the button,the thumb and the forefinger can be closed and pick up the crisps.

* In fact,just like our thumb and forefinger to pick up the crisps.

* The unique hold system inside allow to Apply the most appropriate strength on the chips to not let the crisp be broken.

* Therefore we got a elegant and healthy eating crisp way.

Elegant. Healthy. RIGHT...

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Marvelous 360 degree ring of Pringles

Jane Espenson is not only a talented TV writer who has worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, and Once Upon A Time, she is also quite adept at constructing impressive Pringles structures.

"I did it!" she tweeted. "I did it! I built a Pringles ringle! No glue, just physics."

Most impressive to me is how Espenson managed to complete the ring before eating them all, as I most certainly would have done. Read the rest