Oh please let zines be the future of media!

In Nieman Labs's "predictions for journalism in 2018" roundup, there's Kawandeep Virdee’s "Zines Had It Right All Along": which celebrates the low-fi, experimental, handcrafted diversity of the golden age of zines (which was the environment that birthed Boing Boing, as it happens).

As Tim Carmody writes, "They look different because they are different. So maybe we need to look at the whole package and create an… oh, I don’t know, what’s the phrase I need… an 'indie web'?"

* Quarterlies are a pleasure to read with a variety in layout and pacing

* They’re beautiful to hold.

* They’re less frequent, and much better.

* Even the ads are well-crafted, and trusted.

* Zines have an enormous variety.

* They’re experimental and diverse.

* This gives them a freshness and surprise.

* They’re anti-formalist; they’re relatable.

Zines had it right all along [Kawandeep Virdee/Nieman Lab]

Zines are the future of media [Tim Carmody/Kottke]