Gentleman drinks water trapped in a rock for 2 million years

The fine folks at Waterjet Channel found an enhydro agate, a type of metamorphic rock that formed with a pocket of liquid water inside. Naturally, they broke it open to get to the water and drank it.

The danger here is that enhydro agates rarely contain pure water. They often also contain quartz microcrystals, debris, or petroleum, depending on the conditions under which they were formed. That didn't stop our intrepid self-experimenters: "We got a hold of a rock that had water trapped inside. I just knew I had to taste it! We also got a little sciency with petri-dishes to see how safe this water was to drink." When they say "a little sciency," they mean it. It's at best an informal experiment that showed that either the liquid or the conditions under which they swabbed the petri dishes were not sterile. Interesting nonetheless!

Bonus video: using a 60,000 PSI waterjet to get a skateboard wheel rotating at 45,000 RPM. What could possibly go wrong?

Water Trapped in Quartz Rock vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet – Enhydro Agate (YouTube / Waterjet Channel)