Watch this gentleman open a 65-year-old sleeping bag in a can

In 1952, the U.S. military packed a sleeping bag in a tin that looks like a giant can of SPAM. Fast forward 65 years to when Taras Kul decided to open it, and he does not disappoint.

In addition to waiting until a freezing cold day, he decides to get in it even though mid-20th century soldiers appear to have been significantly smaller than Taras. Best line: "There's a weird powder coming off of it, but hopefully it doesn't hurt me."

Bonus video: survival water cans that will last 50 years.

Fun fact: many major American breweries will shift their productions lines to canned water for natural disaster victims. Insert your own joke about no difference in taste.

Sleeping Bag in a Can!? (YouTube / Taras Kul)