Design firm reveals new MC Escher wallpaper

MC Escher's mind-bending works will soon be available as fancy wallpaper, thanks to a collaboration with Escher's estate and Italian design firm Jannelli & Volpi.

Cool Hunting interviewed Paola Jannelli about the project:

"Today people tend to consider beautiful that which is unique," explains Jannelli, "But we believe in a deep re-evaluation of the module of repetition. Working on a modular design is fascinating and is also typical of wall and fabric decoration, our world. As an artist and scientist, Escher was able to express the sense of depth through two-dimensional representation. He had a unique ability to transform flat modules into space and volume."

The Escher estate has a pretty great gallery of his work organized by period for those looking for some creative inspiration.

Preview: MC Escher Wallpaper Collection by Jannelli & Volpi (Cool Hunting)