Photographer positions horses to look like landscapes

This may look like grasslands, but it's a horse carefully positioned and beautifully photographed by Lee Diegaard, part of her Equuleus series. Below: Copper Valley.

Via LensScratch:

Horse, land and sky.

The horse watches the horizon. His body activates the landscape. He takes the long view: the movements of sun and stars, the change of seasons, the grass as it grows. A woman watches, draws near from afar. Alert to even the smallest insect, he senses the dilation of pupils, a flickering emotion, a wavering of intention. Unaware, she gives herself away. To know and be known is a wide open frontier.

Equuleus is part of a multi-media long-term project, In Your Dreams [Horses] exploring horse personality and individuality, sensory processing and proprioception, concepts of invitation, initiation, and trespass, and shared thresholds of experience between horse and human.

You can scroll through seven of her works via her :nstagram: Astrophel, Midnight Sun ii, Eos, Artemis, Moon Rock, Eclipse, The End of the World.

Here she talks about her work, including a project where she tried to get two horses to visit a museum:

Lee Diegaard website (via LensScratch)