Watch a great interview with Björk and collaborator Jesse Kanda

This promising new series explores artistic collaboration, and the first episode features Björk and collaborator Jesse Kanda.

Via WeTransfer:

Our first film features friends, collaborators and artistic soulmates Björk and Jesse Kanda. The pair worked on two of the Icelandic artist's most amazing videos – 2016's Mouth Mantra and last year's Arisen My Senses. In the film we get a sense of how and why the duo are drawn to each other's way of working.

But collaboration doesn't happen in a vacuum. We also build a picture of their individual artistic sensibilities and see how Iceland's staggering natural beauty, the Reykjavík music scene, blood and bone, death and decay feed into the ideas that underpin their work.

If you haven't seen them or want to revisit, here's Mouth Mantra:

Here's Arisen My Senses:

Work In Progress: Björk and Jesse Kanda (YouTube / WeTransfer)