An auction for Rolly Crump's "Museum of the Weird" art from the Haunted Mansion that never was

Rolly Crump (previously) was one of the weirdest, most bohemian of the original group of Imagineers; when he was tasked with developing concepts for the oft-stalled and perennially beleaguered Disneyland Haunted Mansion, he came up with the Museum of the Weird, a guided walkthrough spook house filled with mystical illusions, and psychedelic, daemonic imagery.

Now, the Van Eaton Galleries (previously) have acquired a huge collection of Crump's art, including much of the Museum of the Weird concept art, and they're hosting an exhibition and auction for it.

Crump was into a lot of counterculture: modernist art (his mobiles became the kinetic sculpture in front of the 1964 World's Fair's it's a small world pavilion), drugs, jazz, and other delights — and there's a good selection of this work in the catalog as well.

The Life and Career of Disney Legend Rolly Crump [Van Eaton Galleries]