Young woman presented with 10 ideal men all at once

In this video, a 27-year-old Korean woman is playing an odd dating game, kind of like a live-action Tinder.

She first chooses her ideal type of guy using options on her phone (e.g. "isn't cocky," "funny," "buff") and then 10 men (in masks) who meet her qualifications are seated in front of her. Communicating with them individually only in a chatroom, she then spends the next 30 minutes deciding who is the best guy for her.

She finally picks one after eliminating the others. Pulling her chair closer to his, he then quietly takes his mask off, and the video awkwardly ends. Will they go on a date? Was he tall enough for her? Did his stamina meet her requirements? We may never know!

(Honestly, I was surprised that not one guy sent her a dick pic.)