Mesmerizing timelapse of Kilauea lava flows

Tyler Hulett shot "River of Fire" at Kilauea before the previous eruption, but it still stands as some of the best lava timelapse out there.

Over at Story & Heart he explains his techniques and the unexpected parts of filming at an active volcano:

He took care to step and set up his tripod on pre-existing, cooled lava rock that was black and hosting new plant life (as opposed to the fresher, grey lava) to avoid danger. Even so, he faced some unique challenges.

"The fresh lava is called Pele's hair," says Tyler. "It's really smooth and crunchy, like hard snow, and made of little glass needles. I came home with lava slivers all over my hands, on my gear, and on my lenses. It's a whole other challenge that you don't expect to have to deal with."

If you want great stuff from the fresh eruption, check out Mick Kalber's aerial footage:

River of Fire – Mesmerizing Hawaii Lava Timelapse 4K (YouTube / Discover Oregon)