The secret RPG history of an enabler of America's border child kidnapping policy

When Bryant Durrell was in college, he played D&D with an amazing Dungeon Master, Eric, who was obsessed with the moral dimension of the game, constructing thoughtful, elaborate campaigns to get the players to reflect on the nature of good and evil — the players jokingly called the setting Eric created "Catholic World."

The story of Eric's final campaign is an amazing and inspiring tale of a game-master who nurtures a moral sensibility in his players — and that's what makes Durrell's punchline so intense.

Because Eric is Eric D Hargan, Trump's Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, who now supports and abets the policy of kidnapping children at the border.

I actually don't remember what happened then. Possibly I fell asleep again. Tempers were really high, because sleep deprivation. But I remember how damned happy Eric was that his players understood good and evil. 11/13

Today, Eric is the Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, and he's defending Trump's policy. He agrees that we should be separating mothers and children. I wish I knew what happened. 12/13

A long time ago when I was in college I was lucky enough to play in a great D&D campaign called (by the players, anyway) Catholic World. Eric was a superb GM. It was a low magic, high morals world. I don't think any of us ever scored a +1 weapon, but we knew right from wrong. 1/
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