Essay competition: "Science Fiction & Information Law"

The University of Amsterdam's Institute for Information Law is soliciting English-language essays from 8,000-15,000 words dealing about ""our possible data-driven future, where data has been firmly established as an economic asset and new, data-driven smart technologies can change the way we live, work, love, think and vote."

Deadline is Dec 15, with the top five getting a chance to present their work onstage with legal scholars at a public symposium in Amsterdam, with proceedings published in the open access Internet Policy Review; the top essay will be awarded the IViR Science Fiction & Information Law Award.

We welcome essays between 8000-15000 words in English. We encourage contributions from sci-fi authors but also from all scholars, thinkers, lay-philosophers, bloggers and interested citizens who like to think about technology and society, and maybe have been toying with the idea of writing something for quite some time but never did. This is your opportunity!

"Science Fiction & Information Law" Essay Competition

(Image: Cryteria, CC-BY)