Saudi woman celebrates new freedom of driving in rap song

Last Sunday, Saudi Arabia lifted its decades-long ban on women driving. On the same day, a young rapper named Leesa A released a music video celebrating her new-found freedom. The video has since gone viral.

BBC reports:

Leesa A, who previously had a relatively small social media presence, posted her video on Instagram and YouTube where it has attracted more than 1.6 million views combined.

She is filmed driving, pressing the accelerator, changing the gears, all the while rapping: "Yo, you seem to be forgetting that today is the 10th, this means there no taxis," referring to the date of 24 June in the lunar-based Islamic calendar.

YouTube commenter TrueGamerX14 translated the song's entire lyrics:

Yo, you seem to be forgetting that
today is the 10th
That means no need for taxis
The steering wheel in my hands
I smash the pedal under my foot
I won't need anyone to drive me
I'll help myself by myself
I've got the drivers license ready with me
So put the seat belt on the abaya (the
outfit she's wearing)
And keep an eye on the sidewalks and the
other on the mirror
R is for going back, D is for going
seeda (straight)
Watch out for every car
If it was a Ford or Cressida, your life
won't be great
Come! Pick me up! Take me there!
Bring me back!
That'll ruin the plan
If you want me to come pick you up,
you gotta pay up
Gas money! Don't underestimate it!
Debt! If you pay or don't that's still debt
"Careful, don't slam the door hard"
that was before
Now if you slam it hard, I'll tie you with the seat belt