Photographer specializes in underwater couples portraits

In certain circles, it's become popular for brides to ruin their wedding dress after the wedding, leading to more and more elaborate and risky photos. Pierre Violle specializes in the genre, and he's captures some amazing underwater couples over the years:

Under the water, things are different; everything becomes light and silent. For 10 years, I've been transforming aquatic backdrops into photography studios for romantic couples. I combine natural light with flashes placed in and out of the water to create magical scenes.

Each couple I bring underwater is a new challenge for me, as I adapt to their abilities and capture their personalities. It's important to help them relax and be themselves, and get them to do things they never believed they could do. My sessions last three to six hours. It may seem long, but I need that time to connect with the couple, so that together we can create portraits that represent them. In general, the best photographs are achieved at the end when the lovers forget about the photographer and are having fun in the water. As the time goes by, I too become more comfortable directing them so that their personality shines through the photos.

I work in the sea, and in swimming pools where it is even easier to manage the light and the backgrounds. But, without a doubt, the most spectacular aquatic studios I know are the cenotes of the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

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Wash The Dress (via Bored Panda)