Boston Globe receives threats after Trump slams coordinated editorials

Following the lead of the Boston Globe, close to 350 newspapers across the country ran editorials today in defense of a free press after President Trump declared the media was the "enemy of the state." This greatly displeased Emperor Trump, leading to a Twitter tirade this morning.

Shortly after Trump's tweet, a memo was sent to tenants of 53 State Street in Boston, the large office tower that's home to the Globe and several other companies.

From Universal Hub:

Earlier today a tenant in the building, the Boston Globe, received several threats via phone call. Based on this threat the local and federal authorities have recommended some additional security measures for the property. For the remainder of the day you will see uniformed Boston Police officers in the lobby and around the property. There are very few specifics, but the threat was specific to later this afternoon.

The property is working closely with the authorities and we will advise all tenants of any updates or changes in this situation. The property is following all appropriate procedures and protocols.

Way to prove the Globe's point, assholes.

Security beefed up at Globe's downtown headquarters after threats [Universal Hub]