Trump supporter can't decide who the current president is

With so many conspiracy theories permeating the online right, who can blame its most fervent devotees if they get a few of the facts (or lack thereof) mixed up? Left-wing comedy duo The Good Liars are on the case to uncover the truth, but if this woman they interviewed at a Trump rally is any indication, they might have a harder job of it than they thought. Not only is Trump still the President and actually secretly in charge, but Biden is an evil globalist overlord… having his strings pulled by Obama, who is also actually secretly in charge. She doesn't seem aware that there's actually only one desk in the Oval Office.

Still, this kind of doublethink (or triplethink, in this case) is essential to reconciling those aforementioned conspiracy theories and maintain an enlightened sense of superiority. In the age of a la carte misinformation, no two MAGA cultists have the same internal truth, but all their 'knowledge' fortunately doesn't stop them embarrassing themselves on camera.