How to boost your job prospects with this Excel and Office training

There's more to Microsoft Office than meets the eye. From automating tedious tasks in Excel to visualizing data in Access, the Microsoft Office suite gives you the ability to perform some truly impressive feats that are sure to grab the attention of potential employers. The eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School bundle will show you the ropes and even help certify your skills, all for $49.

This collection is divided into two parts. True to its name, eLearnExcel covers all things Excel, like automating spreadsheets with macros and presenting your data through easy-to-read charts and PivotTables. Complete all 29 modules, and you'll earn a CPD-certified diploma to validate your knowledge.

Meanwhile, eLearnOffice covers the whole Microsoft Office suite, providing you with bite-sized videos and quizzes to assess and increase your skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Access, and Calendar. Plus, eLearnOffice features a Microsoft Skills Score Dashboard, which you can use to track your progress, show off your knowledge, and even link to your resume.

A lifetime subscription to the eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School bundle would normally run you $1,198, but you can sign up today for $49.