It just got easier to change your gender in California, thanks to 2 new laws

Two new laws that allow California residents to officially change their gender identification went into effect this past Labor Day weekend.

Both bills were signed into law in 2017, but just went into effect on Sept. 1, and make the process of getting state-issued documents and court orders for the new identity designation much easier.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Senate Bill 179 allows people who petition for a gender change, including minors, to identify as male, female or nonbinary. Under SB 179, Californians who change their gender have a more streamlined process for aligning their name with their identity or getting a matching birth certificate. Starting Jan. 1, they will also be able to apply to alter the gender listed on their driver's license without any additional documents.

Senate Bill 310 lets California prisoners participate in the same streamlined process and makes it easier for them to change their name to conform with their gender identity. Previously, state prisons officials had more leeway to deny such requests without an explanation.

The two laws follow a move in 2014 to ensure death certificates accurately reflect a person's gender identity.

[Image: Shutterstock]