If Susan Collins confirms Kavanaugh, $300K will automatically be sent to her Democratic challenger

Ady Barkan's Be a Hero campaign is taking pledges of cash to go to the Democratic challenger for Maine Senator Susan Collins if she breaks her word and votes to confirm Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The fund has raised over $300,000 in donations of $20.20 (money will be returned to donors if Collins keeps her word).

Collins is considered a swing vote on Kavanaugh's nomination because she has signaled that she would not support a nominee who supports overturning Roe v. Wade. After meeting with Kavanuagh in late August, she said that he told her he believes the case to be settled law; however, many scholars and activists on both sides of the issue expect that he would roll back abortion rights.

More Than $300,000 Has Been Pledged Against Susan Collins if She Votes for Kavanaugh [Zaid Jilani/The Intercept]