Behold another botched restoration of a religious artifact

The delightful trend of incompetently "restored" art continues, though at this point one wonders if it's for the publicity. Maria Luisa Menendez of El Ranadoiro says the local priest gave her permission to restore a chapel's 15th century sculptures, so she really ran with it.

Via BBC, Ms. Menendez stated:

I'm not a professional, but I always liked to do it, and the figures really needed to be painted. So I painted them as I could, with the colours that looked good to me, and the neighbours liked it.

Given that the botched Ecce Homo has become a tourist destination, it's anyone's guess as to what's going on here.

Spain parishioner botches Jesus and Mary statue restoration, before and after (YouTube / Cities of the World)

Image: YouTube screencap