Man accused of strangling, masturbating on unconscious woman accepts plea deal with no jail time

Alaskan Justin Schneider, 34, will serve no time for picking up a woman in his car under false pretenses, driving her to a remote location, choking her until she lost consciousness, then masturbating on her. He will not be required to register as a sex offender.


Anchorage Assistant District Attorney Andrew Grannik said Wednesday that Schneider lost his job working for the federal government as a result of the case, a consequence he called a "life sentence."

"I hope it doesn't happen," Grannik said. "That's the reason why I made the deal that I've made, because I have reasonable expectations that it will not happen. But I would like the gentleman to be on notice that that is his one pass — it's not really a pass — but given the conduct, one might consider that it is."

When given the opportunity to speak, Schneider offered no apology or recognition of the potential long-term impacts the assault might have had on his victim but highlighted the positive effects the case has had on his own life.

"I would just like to emphasize how grateful I am for this process," Schneider said. "It has given me a year to really work on myself and become a better person, and a better husband, and a better father, and I'm very eager to continue that journey."

From the KTVA video segment: "According to court documents [the victim] told police she thought she was going to die, then awoke to find Schneider had masturbated on her.According to court documents, she told police Schneider said he was never going to kill her. He just needed her to think that in order to achieve satisfaction."

Judge Michael Corey told Schneider, "This can never happen again." Well, actually it can, because you've released Schneider to the public, your honor.

The victim, who was not consulted about the plea deal Schneider received, is a Native American woman. Wickersham's Conscience asks us to consider the outcome of the case had the victim been white and the assaulter Native American:

Suppose the victim was a white teenage girl, and the perp was an Alaska Native male. Suppose the Alaska Native male had choked a high school cheerleader unconscious and then jerked off on her helpless body. Do you think Superior Court Judge Michael Corey would have given the perp no prison time? This is just a thought experiment, mind you. But think about it while we examine the Department of Law's three excuses for indulging in what sure looks like White Privilege.

Image KTVA