Prank: Make a surprise mini golf course in your friend's bedroom

This is a prank of epic greatness.

"My roommate left town for a few days, so naturally i decided to put a mini golf course in her room," says khicagokid — "complete with a water hazard."

The video is astonishingly good.


• "the water hazard was made of 400 dixie cups full of water. this part wasn't necessary, but at the same time it felt completely necessary."

• the holes were completely operational

• it all started when i found this piece of astroturf on the side of the road… i can't believe someone would get rid of this beauty. it was less astroturf than i wanted, but i made it work.

"every cup was filled with water. every. single. cup. this was the most tedious part, made even more enjoyable by the fact that it was 100 degrees in her room."

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